The following is an e-mail that I received from someone who had several experiences with ghosts at the old 98
Rocks studio.

The original 98 Rocks studios, located behind KTAL NewsChannel 6. I worked there starting in 1999 until we
were moved in 2001. I started as the weekend overnight DJ, midnight to 6am every weekend. From the time I
started, all the other jocks told me about how the building was haunted. In fact, supposedly it is haunted by 2
ghosts. First being that of a former DJ who died right before coming to work back in 1986. I have first hand
experience with this one. Working nights, from time to time, one gets a little sleepy. If you fell asleep in the
control room, he would tap you on the shoulder and wake you up. Also, cigar smoke could be smelled,
footprints in the carpet of boots would appear. One night while the night jock and I were discussing the ghost,
the air became very heavy, and a mist entered the room. I thought it was just me, but she felt it and said
something to me about it. I guess he knew we were talking about him. Other DJ’s complained about CD’s and
records being thrown in locked rooms in the back of the building. I never heard this. I did, at one time, have a
picture of the lobby of the station with orbs, but have lost it. I actually have no pictures of the station inside or
out. Another thing that occurred frequently was the lights in the control room turning off for no reason.