Thanks to a tip-off from Lori, I once again journeyed outside the city to see the Alford Road Cemetery, and it was definitely worth it.  Alford Road
is in Haughton, and the cemetery is one that really can't be missed if you're looking for it.  It sits in an open field, suffering from high grass and
years of neglect.  Although it's in an open field, the cemetery has that old-cemetery-in-the-woods feeling.  There also may be more headstones that
I couldn't see, because it was very overgrown.  There were two graves I found by accident just by stepping on top of them.  The graves date back
a very long time.  Several of these people passed on well before the turn of the 20th century.  There is one name that is pretty known in the
cemetery,  Cornelia L. Haughton, who was the wife of M.L. Haughton, who renamed the town of Haughton.  The oldest grave in the cemetery
dates back to Rev. David Lawrence & family of South Carolina.  Rev. Lawrence outlived his wife, Sarah J. Riggs and son, Absolam, who passed
in 1864 and 1849.  The Rev. passed in 1865 and was outlived by his daughter Emma Edwards, who passed in 1867, only two years after her
father.  What is unfortunate is that some of the coffins have been removed from their final resting place, and God only knows what has happened
to the bodies.  One can only hope that this isn't a result of vandalism, and maybe a loved one has merely relocated the body.  All in all this cemeteyr
was a great find for me, and it was very interesting to see how old some of these graves were.  I can only imagine how creepy the place would be
a night, and with some of the bodies gone, it could only make it that much spookier.
Thanks to Lori for her pictures on page 2