One again, thanks to Leslie for these pictures of Bellvue Cemetery.  Bellevue Cemetery is also in Bossier Parish, in Bellevue.  I made a visit to the
cemetery back in April of 2009, but wasn't able to get in because the gates were locked.  I'm not sure if there's an actual time when they are open or
not, so it's possible that you could make a trip there and not be able to make it inside.  The cemetery itself isn't very big, but the some the graves are
pretty old, with one even dating back to 1899.  Since the cemetery was established before segregation, there is black section on the left side of the
cemetery, but I can't remember if that part was very big or not. There are also several politicians and sheriffs buried there.  Although I'm not sure of
all the names of the political figures there I did happen to come upon one name, thanks to
The Political Graveyard:

  • John Augusta Way Lowry, Jr. (1848-1899) — also known as J. A. W Lowry, Jr. — of Bossier Parish, La. Born January 12, 1848. Lawyer;
    member of Louisiana state senate, 1893. Member, Freemasons; Knights of Pythias; Odd Fellows. Died March 20, 1899.

From the pictures that I have, the headstone that interests me the most is the one that says "JEAMSCARTER," just for the fact that you can tell it was
hand-carved.  The date has faded but from what I can make out the person may have died at 77?  All in all, from what I could see, it would be a neat
cemetery to check out, if you can make it out there when the gates are open.
The vase says "Holy Matrimony," husband and wife
The Political Graveyard.