Blue Cliff College is located on North Thomas Road off of North Market.  It is used as a massage institute and a criminal justice school as well.  
It is said to be full of paranormal activity, since it used to be a mental health facility.  Room 4 is said to be the most haunted.

The following is an e-mail from someone that has witnessed some strange occurrences at the college.  

Blue Cliff College is indeed located off of North Market, on North Thomas Drive. Its in the D & W business complex along side Globe Life, and
the Radio Group. The company I work for is also in the building, (the building was once a bowling alley) With my job, I'm often there after
hours ( between midnight - 5 am)  I was unaware, until I found your site, that any body had experienced any type of paranormal activity.I feel
better knowing, because my co-workers think I'm crazy. About 6 months ago, I was the only person from my company left in the building, and
if there was anyone else around, I didn't see them. I'd just gotten back from Monroe, and wanted to wash my hands, so I went down the dark
hallway, through the 'lobby' and to the bathroom, which is located next to Blue Cliff. I went into the empty bathroom, set my stuff down and
proceeded to wash my hands, All of the sudden I heard what sounded like a toilet seat slamming down. I stopped what I was doing, and looked
around. Next I heard what sounded to me like the toilet paper dispenser. I peered under the stalls, but saw no feet. I decided not to stay around
to listen for a toilet flushing. Also, about a month and a half ago, after returning from another out of town trip, my co-workers and myself found
one of the doors from a Blue Cliff classroom open. Seems unassuming enough, except that the door itself leads to the back parking lot (where
my co-workers and I park ) Those doors aren't used and are supposed to stay locked. Yet it was wide open. Nobody else was brave enough to
peek in, so I decided to take a look by myself. The room was dark, except for a strange red light. Try as I might, I could not figure out were it
was coming from. Once again, I was the last to leave, and found myself feeling as though I was being watched, so I decided to wait for my ride
at the end of the driveway. Most of the people I work with think I'm nuts, but I know something is there. I'm just not sure as to what.

Thanks to NWLGHA for the info on the college