C.E. Byrd was built in 1925 and is Shreveport's oldest high school.  It's currently a popular choice for 8th Graders
ready to finish their last four years of high school.  In 2006, Byrd was the most populated school in the area, and it
quite possibly may still retain that title.  But C.E. Byrd has a dark side that is unknown to some, but shared by many.

There are two tales that continue to float through Byrd, shared by both students and faculty.  For students that
have attended Byrd, many have been told of the swimming pool that used to be in the school's sub-basement,
known around campus as "the Catacombs."  The swimming pool was closed sometime between 30's to early 50's.  
There reason for such a time gap in the closing is that I've heard several different dates on the actual closing.  Two
factors may have played a part in the pool's closing, that being the scare of spreading Polio and Smallpox through
the water, and since Fair Park wanted a pool as well, the school board opted to close Byrd's.  Legend has it that
during the pool's use, a young girl drowned in the pool, although that story has largely been debunked.

The second tale associated with Byrd appears to have more validity.  This tale has to do with the old firing range
for the JROTC students, which is also located in the basement.  The legend states that the JROTC instructor at the
time, who was either a Korean or Vietnam veteran, used one of the rifles inside the firing range to commit suicide.  
Although there aren't many different personal experiences from C.E. Byrd, there are two stories that are almost identical, both of them
coming from teachers at C.E. Byrd.  Each story tells of a light coming from inside the basement of the school, with no visible source
of where the light is actually coming from.  I have left these teachers names out at their own request:

Teacher #1:  One time, eight years ago, a student and I saw what looked like lights shining from a flashlight and heard footsteps
behind us as we were leaving to go back to my classroom.  We thought some of the other kids were behind us playing a prank, but
when we got back to my class, all students were accounted for.

Teacher #2:  I do know that I live near Byrd and often pass by at night time and will see lights in the building, not like lights on, but
dim and moving.  Almost like a person with a flashlight, but fainter.  And these are at times such as Sunday night when no one has
been in the building all weekend.

Thanks to Darian, the teachers & instructors for their information and stories