A headless Santa Claus
A Woodland Critter Christmas
Santa's Hat
Possibly Santa's Hut?
My favorite:  The Christmas Stegosaurus
By far, one of the most interesting places has to be the Christmasland, off of I-20.  It is visible from the highway,
but the sign happens to be just past the exit so it's easy to miss.  The drive-through village has obviously been in
disrepair, which is evident from the large headless Santa Claus that faces the highway, whose head doesn't seem to
be anywhere nearby.  There doesn't seem to be too much to the attraction, being that most of it is visible from the
road, and it doesn't go very deep into the woods.  All of the lights are still there and looks as if you flipped the
master switch, the whole place would light up in an instant.  It wouldn't take much to reopen this place, maybe
rake some leaves and change some light bulbs, but for now it still stands for all of us to enjoy.