A shot inside a broken window
Back in April of 2009, I finally decided to visit the former Cinema City 7, or what's left of it
anyways.  Although there were several drive-in theaters in south Shreveport years ago, Cinema
City 7 and Regal Cinemas in South Park Mall were the only multiplexes in the area.  I'm unsure
of when Cinema City closed it's doors for good, but I do know it sat unused for several years.  
The one time I can remember seeing this theater open was when I was very young, and seeing a
movie poster outside for one of the
Friday the 13th sequels.
Most of the building is now gone, with maybe 1/4 still standing.  The rest is just foundation, with
the occasional patch of tiled floor still intact, which I'm guessing was part of a bathroom.  
Apparently at one time small portions of the building were rented/leased out to a barber shop and
maybe something else.  Except for the "Cinema" sign off to the right, no evidence of it ever being
a movie theater is left.

The following links are of 2 photographs of Cinema City 7 before the demolition of the multiplex,
taken by Mike Rosebery, who takes some great photos of Shreveport's lost and unnoticed places.