The Danville Cemetery is located in Danville, Texas, which is really in Kilgore.  The infamous person that has
been laid to rest here is Karen Silkwood, who became known in the 70's for her death by radiation poisoning.
 At night it is said that her graves glows green from the amount of radiation that is still inside her body.

When I made the trip to Danville, it was during the day, so I didn't see any green glow coming from any
grave.  I wish that I would have, because then the trip might have been worthwhile.  I never found Karen's
grave, although I'm still not sure how I didn't find it.  Danville isn't a large cemetery by all means, and you
would think with two people you would find it.  It could have been the heat, or just the chance that we
skipped over it, but hopefully I'll go back one day to find the grave.  Maybe next time it will be a night time
trip so the green glow will lead me to the grave.
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Sterling Publishing Co:  New York, NY, 2005