These are photos of an abandoned school known as Grand Bayou School.  It is said that this school was merely for
underprivileged children and shut down in the mid 50's.  At that time, like anywhere else, Coushatta and the surrounding areas
had a lot of dealing with the KKK.  Legend has it that one day they rushed in, killed all who was in their way, and went about
their business.  It is said that you can hear music playing from upstairs in the band room, and although the gym is filled with
household equipment, you can sometimes hear students playing basketball.  As of right now, it is a storage unit for a church,
with pews and alters everywhere.

When I visited Grand Bayou on a great afternoon for exploring, albeit cold, the school looked the same as it did when i first saw
pictures of it a few years ago.  It's relatively small, with just the main building and a small gym.  The unfortunate part is that I
might have been there a total of 5 minutes, until me and the old lady got honked at and are asked to leave.  I didn't get to see
upstairs or any of the gym or the entire left side of the school.  The auditorium was pretty much the same as any other, with all
of the pews still facing the stage, and the large word "GANGBANG" spray painted on the back wall made it all the more
reminiscent of my own high school days.  I was sort of surprised that there was still a large drapery still hanging from the top of
the stage, which you could tell had been there since the school's operating days.  Around the backside there was a bathroom,
which seemed and odd place for one.  By far, the most interesting part of school is around the very back, which I'm guessing is
a large furnace room, just because of the chimney.  Sadly, once I visited the furnace room is when we were beckoned by the
sound of a car horn, which ended the trip.  I'd love to see what else the school has which hopefully can be another day's trip.

Thanks to Brandon James Veillion, Renee for the info and pictures and
Matt B., Mandi W., Jess W., and Shadow for the pictures.