I visited Greenwood Cemetery (not to be confused with Greenwood in Shreveport) on a spur of the moment trip which
proved to be very worthwhile.  The cemetery is relatively small, but there are newer graves and some very fresh graves so
people are still being interred there.  Even with new graves, it has that ancient cemetery feel with it being off the beaten path.  
It reminds me of a cemetery I've seen in a movie once, but I can't think of which one.  There are several family sections,
some surrounded inside iron fences, some merely grouped together.  Me and the old lady searched for the oldest gravestone
there, which ended up being one of the organizers of Greenwood, which would be 1840.  What was really interesting was
seeing how the styles of burying change over the years.  Some have iron casket covers, some have the body outlined, while
others just have a small headstone.  It seems to be taken care of, although some have suffered some neglect.  One set of
gravestones I couldn't even identify because a very large tree limb had fallen on top of them, which had been there for quite
some time since all of the leaves were completely brown.  Other headstones were covered in small amounts of brush while
others were almost buried.   There was also a part of the cemetery that had these small concrete pilasters (to the right).  If
anyone knows that they may be fell free to
E-mail Me.  So to conclude, Greenwood is a nice to place to get a little local
history.  Maybe on a nice day you can take someone special there and have a picnic lunch.  On second thought, maybe not.