The Hall Summit High School is in the town of Hall Summit, and is a much different find than previous schools I have visited.  Hall
Summit has two floors, a gymnasium, a playground complete with equipment, and several small buildings radiating off of the main
building.  The school formally closed down in 2001, and has remained vacant ever since.  In fact, the school made news as early
as 2006.  Apparently, some people broke into the school, got into the science room, and spilled a whole bunch of toxic chemicals
that the school didn't remove when they closed down.  Fortunately a hazardous materials crew came in and removed all the
chemicals so everything would be safe.  Some of the classrooms still have stickers and the name of the teacher on the doors, and
even some furniture is still there.  Lockers still line the hallways, and theres even a mural of their school mascot, The Hornets,
which bears some resemblance to the Byrd Yellow Jackets, still painted in the breezeway next to the gymnasium.  The gym is very
large and was locked tight, so I wasn't able to enter.  

The playground was probably the most interesting thing about Hall Summit.  It's the first school that I've been to that actually had
equipment still standing, and even a baseball diamond, complete with stadium lights.  The grass was inside the baseball diamond
was relatively shorter than the grass outside, which makes me wonder just how long this school has been closed.

There are also three small buildings that radiate off the main school, which are connected to each other by covered walkways.  I
assume they were used by enrichment classes, such as art, music, or physical education.  One of these attached buildings even had
a sign still hanging on one of it's doors, instructing students to use the front door.

The actual main building of the school was very interesting.  Some classrooms looked as if everyone just packed up and left
without notice.  There is one large breezeway that connects the main school building with the gymnasium, and connected the main
building with what looked like rooms that were used as the Main Office.  The Office still had a sign welcoming visitors instructing
them where to sign in.  Again, there was very little vandalism going on with this school, which could mean that it is watched quite
well.  Most doors were shut and locked with plenty of windows still intact.  I was only able to get a few shots of inside the main
building, since my old lady who was waiting in the car, said several cars went by honking and staring, which she felt they were
warning her to leave, which we did since she was driving.  And as luck would have it, my camera ran out of memory at the same
time.  I hope to go back very soon, as I still have not explored inside any classrooms or the second floor of the school.