One story on Juju Road is that during the slave days, a slave named "Juju" was hung for looking at or raping a white girl.  
They say the tree is right over the road and that at night you can see him hanging from the branch.  Another story is that
"Juju" was a slave that had been free after the Civil War, and that one day there were two children fishing on a bridge, and
Juju killed them.  They hung him and he was buried in a cemetery on Swan Lake Road, marked only by an old oak tree.
An E-mail from Wimberly:
Two friends and I went down there plenty of times to just hang out on the dirt road. I had a two door ranger and we were sitting on the back of the truck
when we heard what sounded like a tree limb break. All three of us stood up to see what had happened and yes sir we saw a black man hanging from a tree
limb. His head was leaning over towards the river next to a tree looking down. We all jumped into our trucks started going back down the road towards
Airline drive. We got to the end of the road and stopped where we were talking before we saw the scary site of the man hanging from the tree. We
contemplated going back to the house on Shed road. So being just stupid we drove back down towards the tree. My friend was now in front of his truck and
I saw his lights go off and I thought he was just playing so I turned mine off too.  I could still see the break lights on so that allowed me to be able to see. I
swear to this that I could see the cigarette he was lighting in his truck at the same time I saw him swerve. I put my lights back on and there was a black man
in the middle of the road with a rope around his neck we went right through him and to this day we have never returned to this road in Bossier.

An E-mail from Cynthia:
My sister told me this happened to them but so much time passed, she doesn't remember the exact year. Sometime around 1999 or 2000 after a
Championship game at Bossier High School in Bossier City, LA, some of us decided to go to JuJu road. It was a dark and warm night.
There was at least 2 or 3 car loads of us high schoolers.
Upon entering the dark, narrow, and graveled road, about a 1/2 mile up, a cop car passed by which appeared to be no one driving. We all freaked out.
We got out of our vehicles to discuss what happened.
After looking into the distance, which was very dark, we all noticed white hooded figures coming towards us with flaming torches.
Some of us jumped back in the vehicle and the driver of one of the vehicles was so scared that he began to run and ran right into the door which was still
open. It took him a minute to get up. He finally got it together and we tore butt out of there. On our way back out, there comes the driver-less cop car.  Juju
road was a definite spooky place to be.