Of all of the places in Louisiana, it seems as though Bossier City seems to be left out on the number of haunted and abandoned places.  But this story I keep
seeing on several websites and even in a few books, although no one seems to know which street or railroad crossing that its at.  The story is that at a curved
section of track inside the city limits of Bossier City, a young mother and her children were hit by a train due to their stalled out car being on the tracks.  
Screams and children crying are said to be able to be heard, somewhere around 10:30 P.M.- 11:30 P.M.  

Several different locations have been reported as to being the haunted part of the tracks.  One viewer reports its the section of tracks on Swan Lake Road,
going towards I-220.  Another has said it's a part of the railroad new near Shreveport-Blanchard Highway.