The Keachi Women's College was located in Keachi, right off of Highway 171 (Mansfield Road).  The college became
active in 1856 and was founded by Perry J. Backus who was a member of Good Hope Baptist Church and was built on
land that was donated by T.M. Gatlin.  The school catered only to women until 1879, when it began to allow men as well.  
The building continued as a college until the Battle of Mansfield during the Civil War, where the second floor of the college
was used to treat wounded soldiers.  The white building that is currently standing isn't actually apart of the original college
at all, but was donated by the Keachi Heritage Foundation for renovation, which was supposed to be a bed and breakfast.  
Apparently that idea never really materialized. The original college is actually gone, and the brown brick building behind the
white shack was a part of Keachi High School used up until the 1970s.  Being that none of these buildings, are not even
associated with Keachi College,  this page is more or less a look at the Keachi Women's College Grounds.  Down the road
from the college, there is a Confederate Cemetery where many soldiers that were treated at Keachi College are buried.  

When I finally decided to make the trip this past spring, I wasn't sure what to expect.  What I found is that this place isn't
in the middle of nowhere like Ellerbe School or The Smokestack;  It's basically in a neighborhood.  To the left of the
school is a guy's house, who was outside on the phone the whole time while I just investigated.  The back building would
have been great to see the inside of, but it doesn't seem to be as safe as it used to be. This time would also be good to
mention that if you explore during the height of Spring/Summer, always wear long jeans and boots or tennis shoes, and
maybe a walking stick to scare off any snakes or other hidden surprises. The only place the seemed to be able to enter was
under a collapsed roof, so I didn't chance it.  The back building is really the only thing that would be worth seeing if you
could enter it, because there isn't much to the front building.  Hopefully I can go back during the winter to see what the
back building really looks like without the trees hiding it.