The grave of Nathan Goldkind
The owner of the Logan Mansion
The original owner of the Rendall Building
An antique coffin cover
Shreveport Madam Annie McCune
Oakland Cemetery is located in downtown Shreveport, and is located right next door to the Municipal Auditorium.  Shreveport's
oldest cemetery, and houses many people that were important in the development of Shreveport.  The cemetery also has a large
spot that appears vacant, but looks can be deceiving.  This spot is called the "cotton patch," and is a mass grave for yellow fever
epidemic victims.  The cemetery opened in 1845 and is said to be the home of at least 16 mayors.  Other well known people are
Mr. Logan of the Logan Mansion, Mr. Rendall of the
Rendall Building, and Shreveport madam Annie McCune.  

Thanks to Steve Smith for this information and Chanda for the pictures

If you would like an informative tour of Oakland Cemetery, visit Steve Smith of the Shreve Town Tours