As legend has it, the old Oakland Plantation on Sligo Road is said to be haunted.  Supposedly, a man named Dr. Abel Skannal, who
built the house in the 1830's, killed his wife there and kept her in the attic in a coffin.  It was said the body was discovered after the
Doctor's death.  Dr. Skannal was also known to be a practical joker, which could be one reason that the coffin was in his attic

There was also a woman that lived at Oakland Plantation by the name of Melinda McCallon Coyer while her father was remodeling
the house.  One thing that was said to have happened was one winter night, her and her sister woke up during the night, freezing
and shivering.  They noticed that they had no blankets on.  Once they turned on the light, the blankets were in the corner, as if
someone had taken them off of the children during the night.  Another story was that the thermostat in the house never worked.  If
it was set on 80 degrees, it would be set to zero sometime during the night, without anyone having touched it.
In some of these pictures, there is also a blur on the bottom right of several of the pictures.  It's possible that the blur is only a
smudge on the camera lens, but I guess you can't rule out the fact that the smudge could be something otherworldly.
Thanks to Michelle for the info & Lori for the great pictures