The Pea Farm is an old, unused prison that lies deep in the woods of South Shreveport.  It is covered in vine and debris and it is said that you
can hear moans and screams coming from it at night.  It is posted and is covered behind the trees and cane.  There is also rumored to be a
female prison a few yards away from it.  It is said to be haunted because of the beatings and killing of the prisoners.  Also, during the 50's, a
local artist by the name of Clyde Connell was the wife of one of the Pea Farm's superintendents.  Mrs. Connell lived on the Pea Farm and
used many of the inmates there at the time for inspiration for her art.

The following is an e-mail from a man that was an inmate at the Pea Farm

He claims that he was incarcerated there briefly in the 50's, which was right before it closed down.  It was built around the turn of the
century and the main building is the one that was used to house the violent criminals.  The lower portions were used mainly as rec rooms and
such for the ones that were farming which mainly stayed in tents and such on the land.  He said that there are TWO other jails out there and
they were more like boarding houses... Which explains the appearance. They shipped people in from different states to serve time there so
they could farm the land. He said that it is not somewhere that you wanted to be in the 40's and 50's.  GE owns the land now and supposedly
the reason that they are having trouble selling it is because if you turn the soil to build you will definitely turn up bodies.  It is also reported
that there is a makeshift Potter's Field out there fenced in by a wrought iron fence. The land back then was much different also.. It was clear
for like 100,000 acres and if you were incarcerated there for things other then very violent crimes ...You had to farm ... You were given a
certain tract of land and if you didn't tend to it and grow anything then you didn't eat. The old abandoned house down the road near the lake
were where the guards stayed.  There is no hand crank electric chair in the basement. If you tried to run and such you were shot. There were
however cells in the basement for the baddest of the bad.. Evidence of this still remains... You can see where there were bars sawed off for
scrap metal on the ceilings. The generator is still there obviously. It was just used for backup. I believe that the house thing out back was a
freezer of some sort by the insulation that it has everywhere... Old Styrofoam. It may have been the kitchen as well but not sure on that one.

The Following is an E-mail from Monique

Day one Sept 20 2009 3:00 am
my friends and I went out to the pea farm. I did not know anything about this place never heard stories or anything about it, well anyway, It
was me(Monique), my boyfriend (Justin),my best friend(Jessica), and her boyfriend(Derek). On the walk through the trails i started to feel
sick didn't know if i should continue to go or not, but i sucked it up and continued. As we got to the entrance I got a really eerie feeling and
wanted to turn back but everyone insisted we continued and there want a way in hell i would walk back alone(I've seen too many scary
movies haha). So we enter the jail flashlights in hand and start looking around. I was in the back of the line walking down the hallway when i
looked to the right of me and saw a figure in a white shirt or sheet i have no idea but i did not see a head or face or anything i quickly told my
friends and they were the dumb kids that would have been killed first on the movie that were like YAY lets go in there...well nothing else
happened inside the jail but you could get cold spots in some areas. The scariest part happened walking out back to the truck. We all exited
the jail Jess and I being spooked kept close pace to our boyfriends jess and Derek were probably 4 feet ahead of Justin and i. Justin began to
slow down because he thought i kicked the back of his leg trying to scare him but i was to scared my self it was so dark and i couldn't see
my hand in front of me if i didn't have the flash light. We continued to get closer to the car when all of a sudden i began to hear footsteps that
came from the right of me i grabbed Justin tighter and then i felt like someone grabbed my hand and began screaming at first i thought it was
a child and i began to sob some but had to keep composure because Jessica is pregnant and i really did not want to freak her out more than
she already was. When we got back to the truck I told Jess and Derek what happened and Derek told us that he felt something brush against
his hand and Jessica said she felt something grab her hand so tightly and then released it her hand fell asleep. This was night one at the good  
old pea farm.

Day two September 21,2009
Yeah yeah i know for me being so scared why the hell did i want to go back...I have no idea but we did. This time wasn't as bad but still the
same for the walk back the walk there was scarier. In the jail i did spot someone standing at the bottom of the stairs as we walked up them.
On the walk back to the truck again i heard screaming and i heard something that sounded like the predator but Justin heard it to...