The Rendall Building is located at 601 Texas Street in downtown Shreveport, and is said by some to be one of the most haunted places in
town.  This building was built in 1922 on the site of another building that was also owned by the Rendall's.  Since it originally was a drug
store, the basement was essentially a large walk-in freezer.  Conveniently enough, the Caddo Courthouse is only a stone's throw from the
Rendall Building, so the Rendall's large freezer was used to keep the corpses on ice.  It is also said that some of the local funeral homes also
used the freezer for their corpses. Since then, the building has had several tenants, such as Rockmore's Italian Restaurant, Zero Gravity
night club, and most recently, Caliente Mexican Restaurant.  Despite the building's activity, the ghosts have still lingered around the building
over the years.  Recently, I received an email from a man named Charlie, recounting some of the different experiences that he had when
the building was Rockmore's Italian Restaurant.

I actually saw a man in the mezzanine the same morning I heard the Victrola. One day two spice bottles flew off the stove and went across
the kitchen and a large can of olives turned over and fell off the top of the cooler. One day a lady came in gripping about something and
made our cashier upset. When the lady went and sat down at a table, the two children's booster chairs flew straight off of the shelf they
were on and almost hit the woman. Customers saw this and even commented on it.

Thanks to Scott and Charlie for their info
Thanks to Gage for the basement picture