The Ridgely/Moseley building is another place I happened to stumble upon while driving one afternoon in mid-October.  It was erected in 1926, so standing 82 years
and still standing is quite a feat.  The good news is someone has finally let me in on the history behind this building.  The following information is courtesy of Drake:

It was once a mercantile store and one day an old black woman, who lived somewhere in the area, came in and bought a whole chicken and some other things. The
next day she came back with the chicken and told the store owner that it was spoiled when she got home with it so it must have been spoiled when she bought it.
The store owner argued with her and told her she must have left it out in the heat and let it spoil and he was not going to give her a refund for the chicken. She
became irate and he made her leave the store. She the went out into the street that runs along the west side of the building and, with a stick, drew some sort of
symbol inside a circle in the dirt. Then she began dancing around the circle and threw the chicken into the circle. (this is typical of a voodoo ritual) She then cursed
the building and everything in it, saying that no one, from that day on, would ever be successful there or stay in the building for very long. She then cursed the owner
too. Well, a little while later, the owner died of a heart attack and the family put the store up for sale. There also was a railroad line that ran right beside the building.
(The railroad line was built right after the Civil War and that building was part of the new town of Stonewall, which originally was called Bee Gum before it moved up
to the railroad line, and was located 3 miles east on Stonewall Frierson Road. The next owners, unaware of the curse, weren't there very long and they went out of
business. This continued to happen on down through the years. The last business that was in the building was an automotive shop that didn't last long either. The
ceiling fell in on it about ten years ago and the present owners finally had it all cleaned out.

Although it is still standing, it seems to have been ravaged by fire at some point in time.  Most of the building is covered in vines, which give it a great rustic look, as
though its being taken back by the woods.  The on thing that intrigues me are the large brick columns that are on the left side of the building, which is yet something
else I do not know the purpose of.

If anyone was any information on the building, such as its former use or when it closed, please
E-Mail Me.

Thanks to Drake for his new information