The legend of Sallie Baker is a pretty popular tale around Cotton Valley.  The only thing marking her grave is a slab of
concrete.  According to local legend, Sallie Baker murdered several of her husbands.  She supposedly killed one by pouring
hot lead into his her while he was sleeping.  There are also stories that Baker practiced Witchcraft and would murder her own
newborn babies and bury them underneath her house.  Although descendants insist that Sallie Baker was just an average
person, has an average grave, and never murdered anyone, stories still continue to surround her name.

The niece of Sallie Baker, Lorene Brumley, states that "Before we moved from her house in the country, she swore all the
time - and a lot of people don't believe her, but I do - she would tell us all the time that, 'Bonnie and Clyde came and spent the
night with me the night before they were killed.' I know that they came all the time. She vowed that they came to spend the
night and buried the money from a bank robbery. All through the years people have just dug and dug and through the woods
trying to find it." This is a direct quote from the website which interviewed her.  To read the entire interview,