This school was such a great find, mostly because I passed it several times before I actually realized where it was.  As you will see, the
architecture resembles
Ellerbe Road School, but is in MUCH better shape.  It's not littered with broken bottles, garbage, and ruined with
lame and pointless graffiti.  Broken glass is of course expected here, but I would say the place is still about 85% intact.  It's more off of
the main highway, which could also play into why this place is in such great condition.  Not only does the outside resemble Ellerbe, but
the layout of the actual school is similar too.  There are 2 different wings on the left and right, conjoined in the middle by a breezeway.  I
saw one large open area which seemed to have resemble the cafeteria, although I saw no large ceiling vent to say that it was for sure.  
There's also a possibility that this room could have been the auditorium, but there was no stage to confirm that either.  A basketball court
was also visible behind the school, but being that the grass was still very high despite the cool weather, I avoided walking through it.  
Something else that was quite intriguing was that in the middle of the ceiling on both wings of the school, were ladders to the attic.  I
don't what, if anything, was up there, but both ladders were down, so I'm sure someone has explored it at least once.  In another room,
there was a refrigerator and sink area, which could have been used for a Home Economic class or something like that.  Also, there was a
small storage shed which housed a large tank, which I assume was propane or something of the sort.  I almost went head first into this
tank since I failed to realize the shed was not level with the ground.  Besides the few things mentioned, the school is basically like
Ellerbe, only a little smaller.  It was great to explore and I would like to go back when there's more daylight