The Skeleton's Cave, or Devil's Cave, is an underground tunnel that runs underneath Jewella Avenue in Shreveport.  It is said to
have been used as a tornado shelter, but somehow people were killed inside and their skeletons were embedded into the walls.  
Recently, I received and email from a lady named Cindy who knows of the Skeleton or Devil's Cave, which is actually a
drainage ditch on Milton Street, which is close to Jewella Ave.  The following is the email that I received:

My grandmother lived in Queensboro and as children, my brother, cousins and I would run the streets as children do. On Milton
Street, a block or so before you get to Jewella Avenue there is a drainage ditch. Some of my cousins are about 10 years older
than the rest of us. Anyway they would get in the ditch and follow it into Devils cave; they scared the younger ones with stories
of skeletons embedded in the cave. This cave, which is actually a drainage ditch that runs under Jewella. There is a steep hill on
the left hand side of the ditch near Milton Street, we called this hill Dead mans hill, and there is also a stone seat at the bottom of
the hill that we named the Devils chair. Trust me the older kids really scared the daylights out of us younger ones with the wild
and crazy tales they would tell about this small area of Queensboro.

Thank you Cindy for your information