If you grew up in Shreveport during the 1990's then odds are you probably payed
a visit to South Park Mall.  South Park Mall was your average mall, anchored by
all of the large chain stores, such as JC Penney's, Dillard's, Montgomery Ward,
Service Merchandise, and Beall-Ladymon.  There was also a Regal Cinemas movie
theater, similar to the other malls in the area.  As far as food, South Park didn't
have an actual food court.  El Chico's and Wendy's were the main eateries, while
Chelsea's Street Pub came a little later on.  Along with the theater, Alladin's Castle
Arcade, the carousel in front of JC Penney's, two candy stores, KB Toy Store,
and also a pet store at one time gave plenty of entertainment for children.  
Unknown to some, there was also a short lived miniature golf
course in the mall at one time.  There were also yearly visits
from The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, complete with a small train ride.
Unfortunately, as the neighborhood began to decline, so did the mall.  Shootings
were reported in the parking lot and the abduction of Kristi O'Pry only brought
negative attention toward the mall.   The first major blow to the mall was JC
Penney's moving out.  This proved to be a fatal blow for the mall, as one by one,
the major stores failed to renew their leases.  By the end of the mall's run, the only
store that was left was Burlington Coat Factory, which is actually still open at the
mall today.  The mall sat for awhile until Summer Grove Baptist Church decided
to purchase the mall for its congregation.  

The following is a list of stores that once occupied the mall in its heyday
Alladin's Castle
Auntie Ann's Pretzels
Bailey's Jewelry
Baker Shoes
Bath & Body Works
B. Dalton Bookstore
Burlington Coat Factory
Bressler's Ice Cream Factory
Brook's (80's clothes for women)
Champs Sports
Chelsea's Street Pub
Chess king ("cheesy" 80's clothes for men)
Claire's Accessories
Connie Shoes
Corn Dog on a Stick
The County Seat
Corn Dog Plus
Disc Jockey
Dollar Tree
Eggroll Express (by Corn Dog on a Stick)
El Chico's Restaurant
Foxmoor (80's clothes for women)
Friedman's Jewelers
The Great American Cookie Company
Hallmark/Coach House Gifts
Hollywood Nails
Jeans West
JC Penney's
Jelk's Coffee
KB Toy Store
Lerner's (80's clothes for women)
Miller's Outpost (men's and women's)
Musicland (became Sam Goody)
Montgomery Ward
Morrie Kidd Russ (luggage and leather)
Morris' Nut House (candy store)
Otasco's (similar to Service Merchandise)
Oxford Street
Palais Royal (became Stage)
Paul Harris (80's clothes for women)
Payless Shoes
Penelope's (formal wear)
Piccadilly Café
Regal Cinemas
Rings and Things
Sbarro Pizza
Selber Brothers
Service Merchandise
Spencer Gifts
The Limited
The Ranch ( late 70's and early 80's
western wear)
Tom McCan Shoes
Underground Station
United Jeweler's
Weingarten's (drugstore)
Zale's Jewelry
Thanks to Charlie for a few more stores I failed to list.

I'm sure that this list is not complete, so if anyone has any
info or pictures please
E-mail Me
Former movie theater board showing the movies that were playing
Entrance 1.  The South Park Mall "SP" logo is still barely visible.
Entrance 2, which featured El Chico's
and the awning from Piccadilly is still there.
Entrance 3, which featured Chelsea's Pub
and 4 screens of the movie theater
Formerly JC Penney's
Another Dillard's entrance
Burlington Coat Factory, the only remnant left that this was a mall
Dillard's again
Beall-Ladymon, then eventually Stage
Montgomery Ward
This used to house the indoor mini-golf course