After reading about Stow's Bar for a while, I finally decided to check it out on a recent eastward trip.  
According to
The Shadowlands, Stow's was used as a Confederate hospital, with some of the old
equipment still stored inside.  You can also hear footsteps on the bottom floor and beds sliding around.  
With the help of Megan, I was told Stow's closed around this time last year.  Apparently the person that
owned it was behind on applying for their liquor license.  The bar was closed while the license was being
renewed and due to so much money being lost while it was closed, the bar was not able to reopen.

When I visited the bar, it was locked up very good, and understandably so.  The building seems to be
very rotten and I wouldn't trust trying to get in.  What I still would like to know is if there used to be a
patio of some sort, because of the three doors in the center of the building.  One the side of the building,
most of the windows are raised, so I'm sure someone has been inside before to investigate.  If anyone
actually knows if the old hospital equipment is still inside,
e-mail me.