If you've went to see a baseball or soccer game at Cargill Park recently you more than likely
didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  Fields and parking lots are the standard, but to some
of us younger people, there's something about the park that we don't know.  Many years ago,
before the park was there, Cargill was then known as the Standard Oil Tank Farm and was a
popular hang out for teenagers in the 70's.  Large storage tanks were stored there and there are
even some spots where the grass will not grow because of the oil that was spilled.  Although the
place sounds harmless, like most stories, this one does have a darker side.  As the story goes,
there was a grain elevator that was one the property and someone locked a young boy inside of
it.  He screamed and screamed for help, but by the time help finally came, he had suffocated
from the heat. The story also says that if you walk along the railroad tracks that run along side of
Cargill you can hear the boy banging and screaming inside the elevator.

Recently, I took a trip to Cargill to see if there were any remnants of the Tank Farm.  The first
two pictures are of a pond that is right inside the gates, which was made by a tank that used to
be there.  The pictures don't really do justice of how big this pond actually is, which is quite
large in diameter.  I would have loved to be around the see the massive size of this tank, and how
big the truck had to have been to haul it off.  I'm not sure if the patch of blacktop is from the
Tank Farm, but it was close to the pond so I thought there may be some connection.  I didn't
see any other remnants of the place, but it was 1:30 in the afternoon in the middle of August, and
the heat was getting to me.  If you want to get an overview of the place here's a link to check it
out.  Notice the pond close to the Wisteria Lane entrance.  The water looks pretty oily.
">Cargill Park map

Thanks to Drake for all the help and info