Taylortown is a small town right outside of Bossier City.  There's not much in Taylortown, but it's infamous for one thing,
which is the bell tower.  At one time, the bell tower was part of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Taylortown, when it
was built in 1907.  The church was designed by John Dorch and built of Gothic-style architecture.  The church was only
used for sermons once a month by a circuit pastor, who stayed at the homes of town residents, due to the great distances
between the churches on his circuit.  As the small church's congregation dwindled down, the church was eventually
abandoned.  Legend has it that a bride was waiting in the bell tower for her fiancé, who has killed in a car crash on his way
to pick her up.  She apparently was so grief stricken that she fell down the steps and died.  Others say she hung her self in
the bell tower, and on moonlit nights, you can hear the ringing of the bell and a woman's scream.  Another tale is that the
church was burned down by a grief stricken father over the death of his only daughter who was going to be married in the
church.  In reality, the church actually caught fire by hay that was stored inside the abandoned church.

Thanks to Carey, Christel, and Brian for the pictures.  Thanks also go out to Cyndi for the info