June 14, 2009
The heat is here, and the humidity has come along with it.  It's actually been a little while since I've updated the site, so my apologies for that.  Not really too much new
info as of late; mostly still adding stuff that I collected back in April.  I did finally add the
Cinema City 7 movie theater, which isn't too much of  a theater anymore.  
There's also Bellvue Cemetery, which is a small cemetery close to Haughton, The McDade House, which is listed on the Historic Places Registry in Bossier Parish,
Fillmore Cemetery, and a few pictures of Greenwood Cemetery in Shreveport.  I should also note that these last few places listed were made possible by Leslie, who
has contributed a significant amount of information and pictures to Haunted LA.  Thanks again Leslie.

Also, I've decided to admit Haunted Louisiana into the social network, that we all have come to love as Twitter.  Since there are usually time gaps when I sit down and
type an actually update page, I thought it may be easier for the ones that are on Twitter to get updates that way.  I'll also try to figure out TwitPic as well; that way you
can get a daily picture of an abandoned or haunted place, since it's hard to go explore anywhere with this heat.

Unfortunately that should be about it for now guys.  There are a few places in Texas that I've been hearing about that I want to see.  One in particular is the Sam
Houston School in Marshall, that has come up several times in the message board.  Also I've heard allot about Stagecoach Road, so that may be another opportunity.